is India's #1 trip market place to book Radio Taxi, Tourist Taxi, Self-Drive Cars, Ride Share, Bike Taxis, Shuttles, Rental Buses and Outstation Shared Cabs on one platform. The vision of the company is to develop products and service to ease and simplify the life of travellers and to make travelling by road a fun experience.

TaxiVaxi is promoted by Ankit Gupta, Neeraj Tayal and Vinod Kumar. All the three have vast experience in corporate sector and IT sector. Ankit looks at the complete fleet management and is COO. Vinod looks at the complete technology for TaxiVaxi and he is the CTO. Neeraj looks at the Marketing, strategy and Finance and he is the CEO.

TaxiVaxi Corporate is the first company in India which offers complete technologically enabled travel solution along with cashless and paperless travel for employees.

The company offers Radio Taxi Services, Local package cabs, Outstation cabs, Self drive cars and car pooling for the corporate in 300 cities. The company is among the largest in India in terms of geographical presence.

TaxiVaxi Corporate provides businesses with affordable rides for employees, with central software that streamlines the entire procedure from bookings to approvals; and keeps track of every trip and fare in an entirely paperless process.

TaxiVaxi Corporate offers

  • Radio Taxi Services
  • Local Package Cabs
  • Outstation Cabs
  • Self Driven Cabs
  • Buses
  • Shuttles
  • Bike Taxis

The company offers the services through a web based portal and mobile apps. The company employee gets a mobile application through which he can place a travel request. The senior team can approve the request through their app.

TaxiVaxi is currently operational in 300+ cities in India. The list of the cities can be accessed from the following link

  • Company can place a request for the services to
  • TaxiVaxi Corporate team person will meet the company personally and explain the services of TaxiVaxi Corporate.
  • A final documentation for the same will be done.
  • TaxiVaxi Corporate team will set-up the accounts for the company.
  • The company is good to start travelling and use the services.

The Admin Corporate Portal helps a company to manage all the official trips done by the management or employees.

Through the Admin Corproate Portal:

  • The central team can Give access to local admins in multiple offices to place bookings for their respective regions
  • The central admin team add employees who are eligible for the travel services
  • Each Region/ Local Admin/ Employee can be allocated travel budgets/ type of travel service like Radio Taxi or Outstation etc.

The approver can monitor all the trips made by the team real time. The approver can accept/ reject the bookings and this way a company saves on exaggerated/ unnecessary bookings done in the system.

SPOCs are the Single Points of Contact for the employees who make the bookings on their behalf. Bookings made by SPOCS are then approved or rejected by the approver and can also be managed by the admin.

  • The billing for the Corporate happen every 7 days.
  • The payment to be made within 10 days from the day of billing.

The list of employees can be accessed through the ‘Employees’ Tab in the admin portal. From here an employee can be added or removed.A new employee can be added by ‘Add a new Employee’ option. Every employee is assigned a unique employee ID.

If you click on the Employees Tab in the Admin portal, then you can access the list of employees from where if you click on respective employees, you can manage their account information.

For adding Admins, the user company has to send in a request at with the prerequisite information. Once the Admin account is added on the backhand, the login credentials shall be shared with the concerned person.

If you click on the Taxi Bookings / Bus Bookings tab in the admin portal, then the Active Assigned and Unassigned Bookings along with Archived and Rejected Bookings can also be accessed. The invoices can also be accessed from the Billing Tab.

  • All the cabs of TaxiVaxi are less than 5 years age
  • All the partners of TaxiVaxi have a minimum experience of 2 years.
  • The drivers are trained professionals.
  • The drivers undergo internal training from TaxiVaxi for Safety, Cleanliness and Etiquettes etc. modules.

Moreover, we have a dedicated team which work towards resolving issues on a real time basis.

TaxiVaxi has a very strict quality policy while tying up with its operators. We make sure of the vehicle’s cleanliness and workability and take care that the drivers are verified and well mannered. We take care of all intricacies while choosing an operator.

TaxiVaxi is enabled with a ‘TaxiVaxi Secure’ button which can be used to report any emergency or situation of distress during the trip. A detailed description and features shall be added shortly.